1.     Baby I Want You
2.     Bad Things 
3.     Never (Beverly Dr)
4.     The Freeze
5.     Offline
6.     Julie (You Know Who You Are)
7.     J
8.    The Sweetest Clock
9.    While You Were Sleeping
10.  Win

   All Songs Words & Music by Tom Kurlander
       ©2011 Tom Kurlander, pbe, LLC  All Rights Reserved.

 *    *    *    *    *   


Vocals Guitar Tom Kurlander  

Guitar Charlie Trenta

Drums  Dominic Tancredi 

Bass Neil Keating 

Piano Hammond Organ Jacob Yoffee

Percussion James Johnson III

Backing Vocals Nina Sainato

French Horn Michael Scheimer "Julie (You Know Who You Are)"

*    *    *    *    *


Produced by Tom Kurlander

Arranged by Tom Kurlander

Engineered by Larry Luther

Mixed by Larry Luther

Mastered by Larry Luther 

 *    *    *    *    *

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Work, by Tom Kurlander on OurStage
Album: WORK 
Artist: Tom Kurlander

WORK (Album Tracks)

You've Got My World, by Tom Kurlander on OurStage

Artist:  Tom Kurlander
Album: Work

Top-40 "You've Got My World"  - #1 Most Played -

It Looks Like Rain, by Tom Kurlander on OurStage

Artist:  Tom Kurlander
Album: Work

Work, by Tom Kurlander on OurStage

Song:  "Work"
Artist:  Tom Kurlander
Album:  Work

Wish List, by Tom Kurlander on OurStage
Song:  "Wish List" 
Artist:  Tom Kurlander
Album:  Work

Top-40 "Wish List" - #4 Alternative Rock  -

* * * * *


WORK by Tom Kurlander
"A Superb Acoustic Singer-Songwriter Album"

Catherine S. Vodrey
" Full disclosure: I went to high school with Tom Kurlander, and bought this CD mainly out of curiosity. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised! His voice--pure at the middle but fraying around the edges--is a revelation, and ensures that the melodic sweetness of the album doesn't overpower. The musicianship is uniformly excellent, with the guitar a particular stand-out. "Beautiful Again" and "Fall Like An Angel" are my two favorite songs on the album--both with thoughtful lyrics, which is something I always look for in a song and which is all too rare these days. I'm actually sort of astonished not to have heard of Tom as a singer-songwriter before now, as this is really a superb effort. "
* * * * * 
                 “I really liked the feel of the record. It reminded me of the classic songwriter albums from the 70’s.”      
              Lisa Loeb Singer/Songwriter 
* * * * *
                    “It reminded me of The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and The Replacements all rolled into one.”                                            
Scott Noe FIND Entertainment


4.5.12. Tom Kurlander & PaleBlueSound Roll Out the Sugar Burn Sessions Tour
2.26.12 - New Single - "Never (Beverly Dr)"
1.26.12 - New Release: Sugar Burn Sessions

1.26.12 - Sugar Burn Sessions Now Available for Download

1.26.12 - New Release:  Sugar Burn Sessions : Tom Kurlander

1.26.12 - New on iTunes: Sugar Burn Sessions by Tom Kurlander

1.25.12 - New on iTunes:  Sugar Burn Sessions by Tom Kurlander

1.24.12 - Music Industry News Network

1.24.11:  New on iTunes: Sugar Burn Sessions by Tom Kurlander
9.15.11New Tom Kurlander Single "Never (Beverly Dr)" Released

6.28.11: New On iTunes: "Baby I Want You"/B-Side: "The Sweetest Clock" Hits iTunes!                                                                                                   

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6.29.11: Tom Kurlander Single "Baby I Want You" Hits iTunes!

PR Log
6.30.11:  "Baby I Want You" First Single off Sugar Burn Sessions Album

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